Apple always pays taxes, “largest taxpayer in the world,” says VP

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Today Apple celebrated its 40-year anniversary of its Cork, Ireland campus which employees more than 6,000 employees and is home to the companies regional operations. In light of the anniversary, Apple’s Vice President of European Operations sat down for an interview with RTE News to discuss Apple’s role in the region and its future plans.

Speaking on long term plans, Cathy Kearney says that Apple’s long history in Ireland will only continue and that she is optimistic about what the future holds. The interview and the 40th birthday come on the backdrop of continued tension between Apple and the EU over taxes, speaking about that, Kearney says she doesn’t expect much to change.

“I really don’t see that changing at all,” she said.

“You look at the substance, you look at the level of investment, the functions and the variety of functions we have here and I can only think with optimism and look at that with optimism in terms of the future of Apple in Ireland.”

Staying on the topic of taxes, Kearney says that “there has never been a question of us not paying what a government has asked us in any country in the world,” and that Apple believes taxes are crucial to society. Kearney goes on to state that Apple is “the largest taxpayer in the world,” and says that is undisputed.

You can read and watch the full interview here.

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