Instagram begins slow roll-out of keyword search on iOS

instagram keyword search rect

Instagram will finally allow users to search within the app beyond simply hashtags or accounts, but also keywords, The Verge reports. Instagram says the new feature will be available in the US, UK, Ireland, and Canada with more countries presumably planned for the future.

Currently, users can only search for hashtags, locations, or accounts within the app. Now, Instagram says sit will consider “a number of factors” including the “type of content, captions when it was posted” to give users their results. The company via The Verge also says that it will machine learning to find content that is relevant and personalized to you.


The Verge used the feature and found that search is definitely limited as they were unable to search for things like “vaccines,” “Trump,” or even “Biden.” Once again, the feature is only available for users in the UK, US, Ireland, and Canada, and a timeframe for other countries has yet been announced.

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