Apple and Verizon partner for new “Fleet Swap” program for corporate-owned phones

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Apple and Verizon Communications have announced it will swap out of all of Verizon’s cooperate phones for 5G enabled iPhone 12 modes, as the result of a joint event held earlier today. As Reuters reports:

Apple Inc and Verizon Communications on Thursday announced a program in which Verizon will subsidize the replacement of corporate customers’ entire fleet of smartphones with any of Apple’s iPhone 12 models.

Verizon Business, the corporate-focused arm of Verizon running the program, and Apple did not provide financial details of the arrangement, which applies to Apple’s first family of phones with 5G networking capabilities. The companies said the “Fleet Swap” program can be used to replace a business’ corporate-owned devices from Verizon or other carriers at “zero upfront cost, with zero to low cost per month.”

The announcement comes following Apple and Verizon holding a joint business-focused event today to discuss the iPhone 12, and the long term impacts of 5G. In an interview with Reuters, Verizon CEO says that the swap which is being called the “Fleet Swap” will help improve infrastructure.

“What this allows us to do is create an infrastructure that becomes a playground for chief information officers as they build their digital roadmap,” Tami Erwin, chief executive officer of Verizon Business, told Reuters in an interview.

You can watch the event here.

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