Google Stadia to return to iOS as Safari web app instead of on the App Store

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As a workaround to Apple’s strict App Store policy, Google has announced today that Google Stadia, its cloud gaming service will be coming to iOS via an official web app in Safari, as The Verge reports:

Google says it has been building a progressive web app version of Stadia that will run in the mobile version of Apple’s Safari browser, similar to how Microsoft intends to deliver its competing xCloud service on iOS sometime next year. But Google intends to beat Microsoft to the punch with public testing of its version in the coming weeks.

Microsoft and Google have both been at odds with Apple over their respective cloud streaming service due to App Store policy. Previously, Apple rejected the ability for apps to stream games via an app on the App Store, however, revised rules allow such apps onto the store but requires the developer to submit each game offered by their service as individual apps, each subject to App Store policy.

Microsoft blasted the new policy as a “bad experience for consumers” and vowed not to offer its service on the platform until Apple changed its rules. Eventually, Microsoft caved in and will now offer xCloud as a progressive web app, with Google following suit.

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