Apple launches new media campaign on TikTok to promote the iPhone 12 mini

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As part of a media drive for its newly launched iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple has laucnhed an all new media cmpaiagn on TikTok to promite its newly launched iPhone 12 mini.

TikTok which is popular amongst the younger generation is a hot-spot for companies to advertise in creative ways to attract the eyes and ears of typically stubborn customers. Apple joined TikTok in April of this year and so far has only posted a few videos publicly on its account, but does often run ads.

The ad with Zach King is part of a hashtag that Apple has started called “#makeitmini” that encourages TikTok users to create miniature items from things throughout their house. So far, the hashtag has more than 82.5 million views with thousands of videos.

The ad with Zach King makes use of Zach’s popular and creative editing skills (it’s not real magic, sorry to break it to you) to show how the iPhone 12 Pro, can be shrunk down into the size of the 12 mini. The ad is short and has the caption “Zach King can make it mini with a tap. Can you?” and has garnered over 400,000 views. You can watch it here.

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