Craig Federighi says new iOS 14 anti-tracking feature will still launch, regardless of opposition

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Apple is facing criticism over a new iOS 14 feature officially called ATT or App Tracking Transparency that will roll out next year that requires apps to ask users for their permission before tracking them across other apps and websites. The feature has caused Facebook and others to revaluate their practices, given the likelihood that the majority of users will opt-out of the tracking.

Apple initially caved under the pressure and delayed the feature’s rollout to sometime later next year, instead of alongside the launch of iOS and iPadOS 14 in September. Despite the delay, Apple is reaffirming it’s not backing down. Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering Craig Federighi spoke with The Independent to recommit to Apple’s long-standing privacy values and that it will ignore opposition to the feature.

Apple says that it will press ahead with a controversial privacy feature that has set it against companies including Facebook.

Responding to a letter from a host of privacy campaigners, the company said that it is fully committed to the new update and would be rolling it out early next year.

Apple software chief Craig Federighi told The Independent that the feature and the company’s support for privacy is a “core value”, and that the change grew out of a longstanding, philosophical commitment against excessive data collection.

He insisted that the feature would eventually prove “better for even the people that are currently, at times protesting those moves” because they raise trust in the apps and devices that those developers and advertisers require to work.

Yesterday in response to a collation that aimed to stop Apple from rolling out the feature, an Apple privacy executive shredded Facebook for wanting to “collect as much information as possible” and its goal to monetize off of users’ personal data. In a statement to Bloomberg, Facebook slammed Apple for its letter saying that Apple is claiming to be pro-privacy, but it’s truly just aimed at making more money.

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