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This page will be updated live with the latest from Apple’s “biggest ever” WWDC.

Anchor points:

  1. iOS Updates
  2. iPadOS
  3. AirPods
  4. watchOS
  5. Privacy
  6. HomeKit
  7. tvOS
  8. macOS
  9. ARM Macs

iOS Updates:

  1. App Libraries make it easier than ever to find your apps.
  2. Widgets on the home screen make it easy to get information.
  3. Siri has been completely redesigned with a compact design.
  4. Siri has gotten even smarter with even with more translation content and conversations.
  5. A new app called Translate works completely offline and it can detect languages automatically.
  6. New changes to Messages app including Pinning messages, more Memojis and Memoji styles, in-line replies, mentions, and group photos and Memojis.
  7. The Maps apps has lots of different changes including bringing Maps to new countries, guides, cycling directions (very limited to start out), EV (Electric Vehicle) Routing, and Congestion Routing.
  8. CarPlay brings many changes including Wallpaper options, parking options, and quick food ordering.
  9. Car keys will now be on your iPhone on the 2021 BMW 5-Series. This goes beyond just having a car key on your phone. You can turn off keys on your phone with iCloud. You can also share keys with anyone and turn it off when you want. It uses the U1 chip and will start going to other cars in 2021.
  10. App Clips is an easy way to open the apps that you need. App Clips can use Apple Pay, Sign In with Apple, easy way to download apps on the App Store, can launch from the web, with NFC tags, scan special QR codes, and they are less than 10mb in size so they launch fast.
  11. New CallBar
  12. iOS Beta available today!


  1. New iPadOS designs including all iOS widgets, a new sidebar for many apps across iPadOS (specifically Notes, Files, and Photos), and a full-screen Music Player.
  2. New incoming CallBar.
  3. Completely redesigned Search while in apps or while on the Home Screen.
  4. Apple Pencil is a game-changing tool for you to do lots of things with an iPad. Apple has added Scribble. It can convert shapes that you want to draw into the actual shape. You can now copy and paste any handwriting while ignoring drawings. This allows you to change the color and more. You can now write into text fields and it gets converted to typed text. Scratch to delete also exists. You can also copy as text with your handwriting and then copy it as the actual text instead of your handwriting.
  5. iPad users also have all iOS features.
  6. iPadOS Beta Available today!


  1. AirPods will now seemly switch between all of your devices when you use them.
  2. AirPods will now have surround sound with directional filters. It will come as you turn your head and iPad and iPhone. It is called Spacial Audio.


  1. Complications make it so you can use your apps at the same time on Watch faces.
  2. More watch faces include a fresh chronograph face, more rich complication faces.
  3. Sharing watch faces which is called Face Sharing which you can get off the internet, with friends and families, and more!
  4. Maps also get the cycling updates for very few cities at first
  5. The workout app is adding Dance. It includes many different types of dance including Hip Hop and more. It uses the Accelerometer and Gyroscope to know what you are moving while Dancing.
  6. The Activity app is completely redesigned and renamed to Fitness.
  7. Sleep tracking is now coming to the Apple Watch. It is aimed at hitting your sleep goals. Wind Down will help you wind down and create a bedtime routine. It turns on DnD on for you. Once it is time for bed your iPhone screen will dim. And you will get many choices for a wake sound. It will have all your trends. All of these will also be without a watch on iOS 14.
  8. watchOS will time your hand washing. It will coach you and give you haptics on when to keep washing.
  9. Siri Translations are also included.
  10. watchOS beta will be available today!


  1. Upgrade to Sign In with Apple. Change your other sign-ins to just Sign In with Apple.
  2. General location, tracking control; Apps will be required to ask to track your information, App Privacy; All developers must say what they are collecting and if they are sharing with other companies.


  1. Open-Sourced!
  2. It will automatically set up Automations for you to set for it.
  3. Lights; Adaptive Lighting it will help you go throughout the day “The right color at the right time”. Cameras; Activity zones, facial recognition; HomePod will announce who is at the door, Siri will pull up any camera at any time.


  1. Certain Xbox controllers are gaining support.
  2. PiP Support for tvOS; ie News and workout app
  3. New Apple Original, Apple TV+ show: Foundation. Sci-Fi TV show. Next year.
  4. tvOS beta will available today!


  1. macOS Big Sur
  2. Design: Reduced visual complexity, a new suite of sounds, distinct app icons but also making them similar,
  3. Completely new Control Center
  4. Podcasts: Listen Now Pane
  5. Reworked Menus
  6. Grouped Notification Center
  7. Bringing redesigned widgets
  8. Messages: Better search, create and edit your Memoji on macOS, and all iOS features
  9. Maps: Favorites, Home, Work are just a click away, all iOS features including Look Around, ETAs with Friends, etc.
  10. Catalyst: Menu and Keyboard APIs, Date Pickers, resizable windows. Many Apple apps are using Catalyst.
  11. Safari: Privacy report button, data breach tracking, web extension API expansions, Privacy data tracking protections including allowing how long you give the webpage info.
    • Customizable Start Page: Background images, iCloud Tabs, and Reading Lists
    • Extensions: Allow extensions permissions for set amount of time
    • Privacy: Shows known trackers, etc on webpages
    • Translation: Will translate a webpage into the language of your choice.
  12. macOS beta will be available today!

ARM Macs

  1. Apple is transitioning to its own custom Apple Silicon.
  2. Macs will start to use less Power but give more Performance.
  3. Family of SoCs for the Mac
  4. Common architecture across all the Apple ecosystem
  5. Technologies built-in Big Sur that make Custom Silicon better: Native apps; Just build and compile
  6. Universal 2: Makes it so all Macs can integrate together
  7. Apple apps: Most if not all including Final Cut Pro; Up to three-stream 4k playback.
  8. Third-Party apps: All Microsoft Office apps are working on the new Silicon. Adobe apps run on Silicon including Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.
  9. Apps that haven’t been updated, Transition plans: Rosetta 2
    • Transitions apps automatically by translating all of the apps
    • Java code, web browsers
  10. Virtualization runs very well: Allows you to run even more OS’s on your macOS device with Parallels
  11. “Most apps” will work on Day 1 with no changes from the developer.
  12. Quick Start Program: Developers will have access to samples, labs around the world, Transition Kit Hardware (Apply today!) , etc.
  13. First Mac with this Silicone at the end of 2020

All developer betas available today!